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Digitally manage your operations, increase efficiency, discount vendor invoices and make healthy returns from your own operations with the Truxport platform.

Logistics Service Providers

Make your transport business digital, reduce billing cycles with digital documentation, get paid quicker and discount your invoices from day 1 with the Truxport platform.


Provide vehicles digitally, get paid faster with the Truxport platform.

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Benefits for all stakeholders

E-Procurement of vehicles

Digitally procure your vehicles from your vendors with digital indents and contracts. Manage all your vendors digitally on your Truxport Account.

Quickest/easiest Bill Discounting (24-48H)

Be the first one to discount your vendor invoices, all bills discounted pass through our 7-step-verification process to ensure a win-win for all parties.

Digital documentation and ETA

Stay on track with your operations, get automated ETA of vehicles, and all documents digitally from your vendors from minute 1 of operations.

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